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As a therapist with a background in sociology, I possess a deep understanding of human behavior, social structures, relationships, and the impact of society on individuals' mental health and well-being. I bring a unique perspective to my therapeutic practice, incorporating sociological concepts and theories into my understanding of clients' experiences. With my knowledge of social inequalities, cultural norms, socialization processes, and societal pressures, I have a broader understanding of the context in which my clients' lives unfold. I am attuned to the social and cultural factors that shape people's lives and are skilled in helping clients navigate these complexities while addressing their mental health concerns.

thoughts for new clients:

Be patient and compassionate towards yourself, as it takes time to heal and progress, so remember to treat yourself with kindness and patience (and avoid comparing your progress to others and focus on your own growth). You should also take the time to celebrate small victories, as acknowledging progress, no matter how small, can help you stay motivated and encouraged on your journey. Lastly, you should practice self-reflection - take time to reflect on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, as journaling can be helpful in gaining insight into your mental health journey and identifying any patterns or triggers.


The road to good mental health is often rife with obstacles; these obstacles generally consist of navigating societal systems, personal relationships, social pressures and looming uncertainties.

Years ago, I studied elements of society by riding an entire train route for a school assignment. While traveling through diverse city landscapes and observing fellow travelers, I observed how human behavior changed with time and settings. This experience inspired me to reflect on my own identities and how I interact and engage with the world around me. This observation also helped me define my career path as a supportive guide for others, as the journey to self-discovery should not be an isolated one.

I specialize in working with people around trauma, identity development, anxiety, depression, personal boundaries, mindfulness and negative thinking. I am also very passionate about helping individuals build self-esteem, explore values, improve communication skills and identify unhealthy patterns. As far as engagement is concerned, I particularly enjoy my work with queer folks of color and am especially committed to supporting individuals from the Black/African diaspora communities.

My therapeutic approach is enveloped in the sociological perspective, as we are not just individual entities, but social beings enmeshed in society. As a therapist, I like to operate through a holistic lens that highlights unique individual experiences and social backgrounds. I also believe that everyone’s history of development is different and should be seen for what it is in the way it was developed. When engaging in therapy, I like to integrate the most applicable principles from cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and attachment-based therapy. Through our joint effort, we will explore your needs and work towards individual and collaborative goals. I’m incredibly passionate about being a therapist and strive to help others know the true joy and empowerment that can come from engaging in therapy.

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