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Inclusive Insight is a place that is as healing for our healers as it is for our clients. We believe humans thrive in connection and community, feeling seen and heard for who they are and what they have experienced. We are a diverse group of clinicians and inspiration-makers who know that to hold others in their process, we must also feel held. Staff are experts in their own identities, lives and careers. We are better clinicians by bringing our whole selves to our work.

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Are you wanting to work with folx who value you for your experience and who you are?  Where you have the autonomy to see the clients you want to see and where you are supported, administratively and clinically?  Then we may be the right place for you. Whether you’re wanting to be full or part time, we’d love to hear from you.

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How do I know if I need therapy?
How is it different than talking to a friend?

Only you can decide if you feel like talking to a therapist. Therapy is different than talking to a friend because it’s completely confidential and your therapist doesn’t have a stake in what you say. Rarely do we allow ourselves a regular space where we reflect on how we are, who we are, and what we’d like to see differently in our lives. Therapy provides a safe space for you to explore all parts of yourself without judgement.

What should I expect in therapy?

Therapy is a process guided by you and your therapist jointly. Sometimes people come in knowing what they want to talk about, other times they need more help in figuring out what’s bothering them. Therapy helps you to see patterns in your life and connect things from your past to what’s happening in your life now. Then, your therapist will help you learn new skills and tools to overcome challenges and change these patterns.

Does something have to be “wrong” with me to go to therapy?

Absolutely not. Therapy is an amazing tool you can use to help you understand yourself, dissect patterns in your life, and manage feelings or experiences that may feel overwhelming. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, or with seeking help on your path to becoming your best self.

How long does therapy take?

Therapy is a unique journey for everyone, and the number of sessions needed will vary based on your needs and goals. Some people benefit from short-term therapy to address a specific goal or problem, while others may attend long-term for ongoing support and personal growth. Your therapist will work with you to determine the most appropriate plan for you.

Will I have to take medication?

Some folx choose to take medication to help them with their mood or other symptoms. Only Primary Care Providers or a psychiatric provider can prescribe medication. We would never force or pressure you into taking any steps that you are not comfortable with in your healing journey. If you did choose to add medication into your care plan, we would typically work closely with the doctor prescribing your medication so that everyone on your care team is informed and able to offer you the best care possible.

What should I do in a mental health emergency?

When experiencing an emergency, when feeling like you are in danger, or being dangerous to yourself or others, dial 911 or immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room. At the emergency room you will speak to various health professionals, doctors, nurses, or social workers who are there to help you. If you need someone to talk to, dial 988 to be connected with the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.

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