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Hi, I’m Kristen!

I do a lot of stuff.

But most of what I do is create deeply emotional, narrative experiences that connect and shift people’s perspectives of themselves and their world. As an experience designer, my work centers around creating emotionally evocative experiences that inspire folks to feel. My work is deeply inspired by the concept of einfülung, the emotional knowing of a work of art from within, and I apply that ethos to inspire empathy and transformation in audiences.

At Inclusive Insight, I bring my experience design ethos to continuing education training development and delivery. In one arm of my work, I work with therapists-trainers to uncover what they want their audiences to feel during a training and subsequently, design the training so that it centers the desired emotional experience.

In addition, I design immersive training experiences, wherein I apply the central tenets of psychotherapy – connection and empathy – through an immersive lens. In these trainings, the central goal is not to understand, but rather to feel the experience of another. Feeling rather than understanding cognitively, leads to profound connection.

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