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my approach:

I utilize a psychodynamic approach — Using insight-oriented psychotherapy to explore the connection between the client's past experiences and their current mindset. Insight therapy assumes that gaining insight into one's thoughts and feelings can lead to a better understanding of the root causes of emotional difficulties. By identifying and addressing these underlying issues, individuals can develop healthier coping mechanisms and make more informed choices in their lives.

thoughts for new clients:

First and foremost, give yourself some grace, be gentle with yourself. This work can take time. Be open to being vulnerable with your therapist while recognizing your own strengths... even seeking out a therapist is a strength!


As a social work intern, I am dedicated to connecting with people on their healing journey. With a strong belief in the power of therapy to affect positive change, I aspire to create a safe and inclusive space in which mutual trust is built and fostered. I believe the traditional hierarchical structures that have long characterized the therapeutic relationship can create barriers to the therapeutic alliance — I prefer to engage each client with humanity, empathy and humility, using a strengths-based, client-centered approach.

Being committed to social justice, I am focused on serving members of the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants and those navigating the complexities of depression, anxiety or trauma. My goal is to partner with my clients, ensuring each session meets their needs, thereby making a lasting impact in their lives.

Before starting my journey as a therapist, I spent the first half of my career immersed in the field of graphic design. Through my professional experiences as a creator, I have come to appreciate the profound importance of creativity and self-expression. Regardless of whether they have an established creative practice, if comfortable, I encourage my clients to embrace their creative selves during our sessions.

Outside of school and work, I enjoy engaging in community advocacy and volunteering in LGBTQ+ communities. I also have a passion for political action in the form of volunteering for progressive political candidates who share my vision for a more equitable world.  

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